A collection of mapping projects that identify who is working to support entrepreneurship, where the gaps are for supporting entrepreneurs, and what opportunities may exist to close those gaps. The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) has conducted many of these projects. Other contributors are noted below. 

If you would like to add your map to the list, please contact Stephanie Buck (stephanie.buck@aspeninst.org)

Benin (The Dutch Good Growth Fund) - In Progress
Ghana (ANDE) - In Progress
Guinea (The Dutch Good Growth Fund) - In Progress
Ivory Coast (The Dutch Good Growth Fund) - In Progress
Kenya (The Dutch Good Growth Fund) - Focusing on Gaps in SME Financing
Kenya (Argidius Foundation) - The Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Growth Landscape
Mali (The Dutch Good Growth Fund) - In Progress
Nigeria (ANDE) - In Progress
South Africa's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (ANDE)
Tanzania (Anza)
Togo (The Dutch Good Growth Fund) - In Progress
Uganda (Argidius Foundation) 

Pakistan (Invest2Innovate) 

Latin America
Brazil - Mapping the Impact Investing Sector  (ANDE)
Brazil - Mapping the Social/Inclusive Business Sector (ANDE)
Colombia (LGTVP)
Costa Rica (ANDE)
El Salvador (ANDE)
Guatemala (ANDE)
Guatemala (Argidius Foundation)
Honduras (ANDE)
Nicaragua (ANDE)
Nicaragua (Argidius Foundation)
Paraguay (ANDE)
Uruguay (Mapa Emprendedor)

Ecosystem Connections Mapping (GERN) - for city-level mapping
Impact Investing (GIIMAP)
Impact Investing (The World Economic Forum)