Janaki is an entrepreneur in Sri Lanka, who is improving the lives of dozens of people in her community through her business that produces natural coconut products. See how, with the help of World Vision's ARISE project, she's expanding her natural brush making business, which is having positive flow-on effects for the rest of her community. 

World Vision and its microfinance subsidiary VisionFund, are utilizing blended finance to help very early stage small and growing businesses (SGBs) grow in order to access private capital in the future. The SGB program, seed funded by the Australian Government, provides access to suitable finance and technical assistance for entrepreneurs who have outgrown microfinance but are unable to access capital from banks. Through a due diligence process, SGBs are selected based on the social and financial outcomes that can be achieved as they scale their operations. SGBs led by, employing, or working alongside women, persons with disabilities and other minority groups are specifically targeted.

World Vision currently has SGB programs in Sri Lanka and Ghana and is now looking to scale into Myanmar and Mexico.