After seeing his mom suffer from diabetes, and noting how complicated and inconvenient the treatment for the patient was, Javier Lozano decided to create a one-stop shop solution to make  treatment for the people suffering from diabetes more accessible and convenient. While Javier was studying at MIT, he started learning about new technologies and innovation to treat diabetes. His dream for a solution became reality when Lozano and Fernanda Zorrilla co-founded Clínicas del Azúcar (CDA). 

CDA is a healthcare provider that treats and prevents diabetes. CDA seeks to generate greater impact by improving the current services offered to low-income patients for the early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes throughout Mexico.

photo: clinicas del azucar

photo: clinicas del azucar

CDA runs six clinics in the State of Nuevo Leon, specializing in diabetes treatments. CDA offers an accessible payment plan that is available to 90% of the Mexican population. The company has successfully reduced the traditional treatment cost by up to 70%, and reduced time spent in treatment by 80%. CDA offers its patients access to all diagnostic services, medical check-ups, and personalized treatments, including nutrition plans, medical treatment, as well as sight and limb professional care. 

The company generates a substantial social impact by preventing various complications such as blindness, amputations, and kidney damage. CDA has treated more then 30,000 patients, and helped them avoid more than 6,000 serious complications. CDA is radically changing the way diabetes is treated in Mexico, and helping develop and promote the overall health of patients suffering from the disease.

Promotora Social México (PSM), an ANDE member, is a venture philanthropy organization whose goal is to positively impact the development and well-being of Mexicans and to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable through investments in sustainable social businesses in the education, healthcare and economic development sectors. PSM believes in CDA's vision to provide specialized and affordable diabetes care in Mexico. Additionally, PSM actively participates in the company's board of directors and with the management team to create and forge strategic relationships, and to help guide the path to scale the business and fulfill its vision.