Through invention, enterprise, and franchising, small and growing businesses are helping provide access to clean water and improved sanitation for typically under-served communities. 

East africa - changing the rules

Video courtesy of Jibu and BBC

Jibu is creating jobs and increasing economic prosperity and equal opportunity through a water purification enterprise in East Africa. Jibu provides also provides asset financing, business literacy, and entrepreneurship training as part of their business model.

Kenya - turning Waste Into wealth in Kenya's slums 

Video courtesy of Scott Hancock/VentureWell

More than 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to adequate sanitation, and contaminated water is the second largest cause of disease in the world. In 2009, a group of MBA students decided to build a business around providing sanitation to Kenya’s slums, improving health and creating a sustainable energy source as well. They thought there was an opportunity to reach millions of people – working with residents of informal settlements as the drivers of change.

Sanergy’s first toilets were open for business on November 19, 2011—“World Toilet Day,” an international occasion to call attention to the importance of hygienic sanitation worldwide. Business has grown rapidly. As of September 2016, 778 toilet facilities are open, run by 250 entrepreneurs, and used 37,000 times/day by people in Nairobi’s slums. The company has removed 9.200 metric tons from the communities and safely treated it at a central plant.

Uganda - Providing Clean Drinking Water for Schools

photo: impact water

photo: impact water

Over 500,000 school children in Uganda now have reliable access to clean, fresh drinking water, helping to ensure their education remains uninterrupted by illness or disease. Learn how that has been made possible. Get the full story >