By creating clean and renewable energy solutions, these entrepreneurs are creating jobs and providing access to services that many people living in poverty did not previously have. 

Mauritania - Renewable water & electricity

Video Courtesy of Jean BardeLetti/Les Grands Moyens

CDS provides access to water and electricity services for all, especially those in the isolated zones of Northern Mauritania. In 2014, they provided 20,000 people with access to drinking water. The company has created 25 permanent jobs. CDS’s activity is threefold: public service delegation of water and electricity in partnership with the State and local authorities, installment and maintenance for electro-mechanic works and distribution of water and electricity equipment, based on renewable energies.

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India - serving off-grid communities with solar power

photo credit: simpa networks

photo credit: simpa networks

Simpa Networks provides electricity to off-grid communities and trains local entrepreneurs to install and maintain solar rooftops. For the 2.6 billion people worldwide without reliable access to electricity, solar-power is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to fuels like kerosene. But poor households and shops in rural India cannot afford the up-front cost of these systems. Simpa Networks tackles that challenge through a two-pronged approach: a progressive payment model that makes solar affordable for base-of-the-pyramid customers, and developing and working through Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs). Simpa equips its products with pay-as-you-go technology that unlocks the system as the customer needs it. As part of its operating model, the the company, a social enterprise, trains and works through VLES to improve field delivery to their customers. Simpa has plans to expand to install one million solar rooftops by 2020. 

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Tajikistan - Turning Lights on in the Mountains 

Photo Courtesy of the AGa Khan Foundation U.S.A. 

Photo Courtesy of the AGa Khan Foundation U.S.A. 

A civil war left behind a broken power grid, but a public-private partnership made providing clean energy to remote mountain areas possible. Learn how this has made a difference for families like Mayram. 

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